Decor Tips with Laura

Somewhere between packing up and unpacking, making a new house feel like home can often become a chore. Main Street Renewal Interior Designer Laura McDonald has specially curated six of her favorite designer tips to take your home from simple to simply special. See her tips put to use in this Main Street Renewal home in Murfreesboro, TN.

1. Live with Nature: Bring the outdoors in by pairing potted plants with fresh flowers to brighten up and liven any space. While Laura is a big proponent of putting your green thumb to use with live plants, adding in a few faux plants as staples is a low maintenance way to achieve the same effect.

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2. Make it Multi-Use: Purchase pieces that can be repurposed around your home and in future homes. Nesting tables are expandable and versatile alternatives to a coffee table.  When it comes to styling, stretch them all the way out to create a full-size table, overlap them if you’re tight on space, or keep them nested together for a smaller piece that still gives you options to expand. Not into the layered look? Use each piece as an individual side table for a look that feels cohesive but not match-matchy.

3. Create a Focal Point: Try something out of the box. Laura framed wallpaper in multiple rooms around this home, quickly becoming a favorite idea with the Main Street Renewal team. This trick adds a visual punch without the commitment or expense of wallpapering an entire room. Plus, you can easily take it down, move it around your home or even take it somewhere new.

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4. Bedrooms Aren’t Just for Sleeping: Creating seating areas to read or work makes bedrooms multifunctional when real estate in the home starts to dwindle. Laura chose a wing back wicker chair for its perfect in size and pretty shape that can hold its own in the master space. In the guest bedroom, adding a desk rather than a dresser or a TV stand, the room will provide a relaxing space for sorting mail, writing notes, and even answering a few emails.

5. Layer Light: By positioning your lamps at various heights, like desks, floor lamps and shelves, as well as, varying bulb strengths, your home will have a welcoming glow rather than a harsh feel.

6. Welcome With Style: Make a statement at your front door by adding a novelty doormat that features color, design and personality. This will set the tone for unending style throughout your home.


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