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CARES Program – Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices and Informed Consent

CARES Program – Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices and Informed Consent

By signing below, I acknowledge:

CARES is a collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin's Steve Hicks School of Social Work. The CARES Team consists of social workers and social work interns. Social workers and interns work to connect residents to resources available to them and provide support by phone. Participation in the CARES program is voluntary and can be terminated at any time. Additionally, participation in the CARES program does not guarantee positive outcomes or results.


Main Street Renewal CARES Social Workers and Social Work Interns will not share the following information with other Main Street Renewal staff unless a Release of Information is in place:

· Specific information regarding past, present or future physical or mental health issues or diagnoses

· current substance abuse issues

Personal information you share with Main Street Renewal CARES Social Workers and Social Work Interns is usually kept confidential and is not included in your general Main Street Renewal file. Any information you share about your intent to pay your rent may be shared with Main Street Renewal’s collections team so they can track the progress you are making toward payment. Main Street Renewal employees will remain generally aware of the fact that you are working with the CARES team.

There are some exceptions to residents’ right to confidentiality. We may also be legally and/or ethically obligated to break confidentiality and share information with outside regulatory agencies to:

1) protect a child or vulnerable adult

2) in an emergency situation, or

3) in response to a court order or request from law enforcement

Though we look forward to serving you, you may terminate working with the Main Street Renewal CARES Team at any time. If you have questions about these policies or wish to terminate CARES services, please notify the social worker that follows up with you.


Providers of basic needs services may have significant waiting periods for services or they may have closed some services due to funding limitations. Please be patient when calling – these providers are here to help you and many other residents. Please be aware that while the CARES team primarily only provides referrals to free services, there are costs associated with some resources in databases we provide.

Main Street Renewal does not endorse any of the organizations or facilities that are included in resources shared by the CARES team. The presence of an agency or service in this listing does not constitute an endorsement, nor does the absence of an agency indicate disapproval.

Our resource database is updated quarterly. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in our resource database, some listings may change between each update. We appreciate and welcome your comments, deletions, or updates to our resource database.