At Main Street Renewal, the safety of our valued Residents is our top priority, especially when dealing with severe weather and storms. Below are several resources to help you prepare for severe weather, which also includes information on local evacuation centers and instructions:



Secure your home:

  • If severe weather or storms are forecasted for your area, it is important to ensure that all windows/doors of your home are secured shut and locked.
  • We also suggest that any outside furniture and decorations are brought inside or secured to prevent additional damage.
  • If your home is part of an HOA (Home Owners Association), please be sure to follow any community specific instructions provided.


Stay up-to-date on local weather conditions and follow instructions from local authorities:

  • Be sure to follow any direction that your local authorities provide during severe weather, specifically in regards to community evacuations. Safety should be your number one priority.
  • You can sign up for local weather alerts here:



During a storm/severe weather:

  • If you are in danger or facing an emergency, call 911.
  • For non-urgent maintenance requests during severe weather, please contact us on the Resident Portal
  • For urgent maintenance requests during severe weather, please call 855-239-4530


For the safety of our team members, we may temporarily close local branch operations during a severe weather event. Residents may receive email communications regarding closures or delays in local branch office operations.


After the storm:

  • To report damage to your home after the storm, please submit a request on the Resident Portal


Non-urgent maintenance requests:

  • Please make all non-urgent requests through your online Resident Portal. This will be the preferred option to contact us during this weather event. We also ask that your contact information in the Resident Portal is up to date if we need to contact you.



In case of a hurricane or other severe weather, will Main Street Renewal assist me in preparing my home or provide any preparation materials such as boards and sand bags?

We encourage you to take necessary steps to stay safe in the event of severe weather. Please review Ready.Gov‘s information and recommendations on preparing for and staying safe during severe weather situations. While we don’t have the ability to provide materials or labor to prepare your home for severe weather, the safety of our valued Residents is our primary concern and we encourage you to take the steps necessary to stay safe.


Am I able board my windows to prepare for an approaching hurricane?

We encourage you to take necessary steps to be safe. You may board windows at your own discretion and cost but please be advised you will be responsible for taking them down and responsible for any damages that may occur during installation on the home.


Am I liable for any damage to the home if I do not board windows and doors?

You will not be liable for storm damage to your home if you do not board your windows or install shutters and will not be responsible for damage caused by the storm. You are responsible for damage to any personal property, however.


What can I expect after the storm passes?

Your safety is our number one concern. If you live in an affected area, our teams may reach out to you soon by phone to check-in and ensure you are safe.  You can also let us know that you are safe by sending us a quick note to and include your home address in the email.


Please visit the Resident Portal to report damage that is a direct result from the storm. Be sure to include as much detail as possible including photos so that our teams can quickly assess the damage. Providing detailed information using the Resident Portal is the fastest way for our teams to review property damage and prioritize repairs as they are received.